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With the team from mcs Laboratory AG, you can be sure that all measurement and calibration technology requirements will be met to your satisfaction.

3 measurement parameters – one calibration centre – one partner

Are you looking for a reliable calibration laboratory for pressure, humidity or temperature measurements? Then you've found just the right place here with us at Altdorf!

Accredited by the SAS

mcs Laboratory AG has been accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service, SAS, as an SCS laboratory for the measurement parameters humidity, pressure and temperature since 1995.

The mcs Laboratory AG calibration laboratory - Altdorf - Uri

Benefit from a small, qualified team of specialists 

Logo - mcs Calibration Laboratory - Altdorf - UriThe mcs Laboratory AG calibration laboratory calibrates various instruments for humidity, pressure and temperature. We are a well-established calibration team with many years of experience and serious expertise in the calibration and measurement of humidity, pressure and temperature values. Thanks to our experience and precise working methods, mcs Laboratory AG is a proven specialist and reliable partner for both large and small customers. 

Our competencies

During calibration, a measurement device is tested and any deviation from a reference standard is noted. No intervention other than this recording action takes place during the calibration process. The aim of the calibration process is to produce a calibration certificate. Under no circumstances may any changes to the equipment be made after a calibration process, otherwise the calibration becomes invalid.

Adjustment  (measuring devices that permit adjustment)
The adjustment of one or more measuring points by an intervention in the measuring system, in line with the specification of the manufacturer. An adjustment is usually undertaken if there is any deviation compared with the manufacturer's tolerance values.

During the adjustment, the display on a measuring device is corrected, i.e. the measured value is corrected to the correct value (the "set value"). The aim is to obtain the most accurate possible display.

However, adjustment provides no information about the measurement results (the set/actual value). This is where the calibration process comes into effect. A calibration process must be carried out after every adjustment in order to prepare a certificate.

Calibration intervals
There are no general regulations in relation to the frequency with which measurement devices should be calibrated.
The client takes the responsibility for determining the intervals,

for example, in accordance with

  • Manufacturer's recommendations
  • Manufacturer's specifications
  • Standards requirements
  • Values from experience
  • Long term stability
  • Environmental influences
  • Measurement uncertainty from the calibration standard

We are accredited by the SAS 

We have been accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service, SAS, as an SCS laboratory since 1995 (SCS 0066). Our laboratory is fitted with modern equipment and works to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. The calibration service enables the retracing of its measurement and testing equipment. We also work with a series of other accredited partner laboratories, allowing us to cover practically any calibration requirements.

SAS accredited - mcs Laboratory AG - Altdorf


The mcs Laboratory AG business was established in March 2006 following the closure of the RUAG calibration centre after the severe weather of September 2005.