Measurement and calibration of humidity in the laboratory

Humidity calibrations - mcs Laboratory - AltdorfWe operate state of the art humidity generators. A dewpoint monitor with long-term stability is used as a reference standard. 

The system includes a humidity-controlled and temperature-controlled test cabinet. The test cabinet is significant for our calibrations. Temperature and humidity are controlled by the test cabinet and checked against the external dewpoint monitor.

Humidity calibrations - mcs Laboratory - AltdorfThe dewpoint temperature is the temperature of humid air that has to be exceeded for water vapour to be deposited as dew or mist at unchanged pressure. The dewpoint temperature is therefore one of the parameters that is independent of the actual temperature at the time.



Measurement range:

Humidity calibrations - mcs Laboratory - AltdorfFrom -10 °C cabinet temperature and 10 %rH to 60 °C cabinet temperature and 95% rH

We would be pleased to calibrate the following equipment on your behalf :

  • Humidity/temperature measuring equipment 
  • Humidity systems, e.g. dataloggers
  • Humidity sensors
  • Humidity cabinets
  • Dewpoint monitors

Please contact us by telephone or email with any price enquiries and/or technical questions. We are also happy to take the time for a personal advisory meeting. When you need a service that is precise, professional and timely, you can rely on our experience.