On-site calibration

We calibrate your equipment on site

On site calibrations - mcs Laboratory AG - AltdorfWe offer you the opportunity to have your testing systems calibrated locally on site. Our skilled laboratory technicians calibrate your systems and testing equipment directly at the location where they are used, allowing the testing equipment to remain within its normal laboratory environment. You therefore always get first class service for all your systems and devices. Resistance and thermocouple sensors are calibrated from -40 °C to 600 °C with the block calibrators and calibration baths.

Thermocouples or  Pt100 (-80 to 150 °C) are used for thermal systems in the range from –90 to 1300 °C 


We have extensive experience in the following areas:

On site measurements - Calibration - mcs Laboratory - Altdorf

  • Hardening shops
  • Industrial facilities
  • Measurement, control and regulation equipment
  • Laboratory ovens and baths
  • Climate control and storage rooms
  • Clean rooms
  • Special systems

Please contact us by telephone or email with any price enquiries and/or technical questions. We are also happy to take the time for a personal advisory meeting. When you need a service that is precise, professional and timely, you can rely on our experience.