Measurement and calibration of temperature in the laboratory

Temperature measurement - mcs Laboratory - AltdorfWe achieve the highest possible level of precision in our climate-controlled laboratory, and we calibrate your measuring equipment expertly. We use state of the art calibration systems. We work with high-precision temperature baths from -90...550 °C. Liquid nitrogen is used at a measurement point of -196 °C . We achieve a temperature of 1500 °C using our tube furnaces and we use either resistance sensors with long-term stability or thermocouple sensors as reference standards. 

Temperature measurement - Calibration - mcs Laboratory - AltdorfWe also develop simple working procedures so that our services fulfil the requirements and expectations of our customers. We always put the customer at the forefront of our considerations. We serve our customers with an open attitude and optimum quality and we maintain the closest possible relationship with the customer. If you have any other questions about our temperature measurement and calibration technology, we will be happy to help. 


Measurement range:

-196 °C / -90 °C…1500 °C

We are happy to calibrate the following equipment: 

Temperature calibration - mcs Laboratory - Altdorf

  • Temperature measurement equipment, analogue or digital
  • Resistance sensors, Pt25, Pt100 and Pt1000
  • Surface sensors
  • Dewpoint meters -30 °C .. 70 °C
  • Block calibrators
  • Temperature baths
  • Heating cabinets
  • Thermocouples type K, N, J, T, E, R, S, B……..
  • Infra-red thermometers
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Other equipment by request

Please contact us by telephone or email with any price enquiries and/or technical questions. We are also happy to take the time for a personal advisory meeting. When you need a service that is precise, professional and timely, you can rely on our experience.